Eibach & Profender: The great new lift kit for Ford Ranger

Finally we can present a totally different and new suspension lift kit for the Ford Ranger! This kit is a combination of made-in-Germany Eibach springs and the well known adjustable Profender offroad gas shocks! What makes this suspension lift kit special, is that the original leaf springs can be maintained. No need to buy expensive new leaf springs! The lift on the rear axle will be done by simply adding a spacer block between axle and leaf spring. This is the oldest and most reliable type of lifting solid axles and technically absolutely sufficient.

We have tested this lift kit and can absolutely recommend it! In spite of the lift you can even benefit from an increased comfort. The adjustable Profender shocks make this possible. Even with a payload of 600kg we could still safely maneuver the Ranger through fast corners or tough terrain!

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